Further challenging the needs of the times while mastering the quality of gcuth and gpunch"


Since our establishment in 1951, Tsukatani has been satisfying the needs of the times, such as small-quantity, high-variety small-lot production and quick deliveries, while making an exhaustive study of the quality of gcuttingh and gpunching".

Under the severe business environment of Japanfs economic recession and the intense catching-up of Asia-based manufacturers headed by China, how to grow into a company that further unites technological superiority and competitive pricing is a big assignment for Tsukatani.

It is our great pleasure to tell you that a series of exciting changes have brightened our prospects; for example, demand for PINNACLE DIE, a pillar of our third business domain, has been rapidly increasing, our products have started being applied to the gcuttingh and gpunchingh of printed circuit boards, liquid crystals, and other electronic components, and the Asian market is rapidly expanding. It would be a rational choice for us to concentrate our management resources in these growing fields in the future. To achieve this, without resting on our proprietary technologies and original distribution network, we are ready to aggressively take on cross-border alliances, if we can find worthy technologies and advantageous cooperative conditions.


At present, we are steadily taking strategic steps for the next five to ten years, which includes the launch of a fourth business domain following PINNACLE DIE We will continue to identify new needs of the times, as Tsukatani always does, with the gsharp cutting action of satisfaction,h while staying aware of our social responsibilities as a company with No. 1 share of the market.

We look forward to the continued support and encouragement of our shareholders and business associates.

PINNACLE®,PINNACLE DIE®,EAGLEDIE® are registered trademark of Tsukatani Hamono Mfg.Co.,Ltd.



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